Booking with Galangal is easy. Like a good bartender, we’ll listen to you, understand what you need and prepare it for you. We could tell you about how expert we are, what an amazing network of contacts we have and so on, but action speaks louder than words, and we like to keep it like that. You’ll have to try us. Then you’ll trust us and come back for more. Guaranteed.

Here’s how it works:


You can choose one of our journey proposals from the different traveller profiles you will find on the home page or, alternatively, go to the All Journeys page and choose whatever route you like. Even better, close your eyes and let your finger wander gently to the screen and wherever it lands, that’s your next destination.

Tell us

We need to know more about you, not necessarily your unconfessed secrets and sins (though they might help) but your basic preferences and desires for your next trip. So click on the plan your journey button and kindly fill up all the fields. One of our team experts will get back to you shortly. Assuming you’d like us to plan your journey, we’ll collect a nonrefundable deposit (250€) which will be applied towards your trip.


Once we know everything about you, we will start concocting and designing your journey, just as if we were going, that’s the most exciting part for us. Once we believe we have designed the best possible itinerary, completely personalized to your taste, we will send you a proposal. Give us your feedback. We’re pretty confident you’ll be satisfied with our proposal but we’re humans, mistakes can happen. In that case, we’ll go through your proposal again until you’re 100% happy with the suggested itinerary.


Once we agree on your final proposal… payment time. We ask for a 25% confirmation deposit of the total trip price to begin securing key services. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. Deposit received, we’ll send you an invoice with the due balance. The due balance will be charged 30 days before your arrival (for late bookings, please see our ‘Terms of Service’)


Once we confirm all services, we will send your travel documents (if you book late, less than 30 days in advance, you’ll get them at the hotel). There you’ll find the detailed itinerary with all accommodation, visits, included meals, helpful tips, suggestions and any relevant info we feel you need to know before arriving.

Pack & go

Start dreaming about your trip, plan your outfits, feel that strange flutter in your stomach, try to focus on your daily routine… we’re waiting for you. And, of course, while you’re travelling with us, you’ll have 24h assistance from our team. Anything you need, just let us know.

Ready for your next adventure?

Plan your journey

For more info on late bookings, cancellations and so on please read our ‘Terms of Service’.