We believe in tourism as a tool for change and we are 100% committed to growing our business while remaining loyal to our values. Tourism must serve to promote social changes, to raise awareness about certain issues that affect us all but that go more or less unnoticed because they don’t receive the attention they deserve. Tourism can’t be a mere observation activity, it must be a process of immersion in a certain reality and, today, there is no reality more important than food.

The increasing social inequality and the exponential increase of the population in the world means that millions of people do not have access to sufficient food in order to guarantee their survival. In the Western world, millions of tons of food are discarded while millions die of starvation in underdeveloped countries. We eat what we eat, in the quantities we do, thanks to an industrial overproduction of food that is destroying our ecosystems, affecting the global environmental balance.

At Galangal, we will try from the beginning and throughout our journey to work and collaborate whenever we can with sustainable companies that believe in a business model that respects the environment and society. We will collaborate with food projects focused on helping needy social groups and producing a change in the way we see and do things.

Travelling with Galangal does not only impact the traveller through unique experiences, it also impacts the people and the environment where the journey takes place. Travelling with Galangal is taking and also giving. Travelling with Galangal is to commit and contribute to change, both personal and global