Tasting Menu

An epicurean journey through some of the most fascinating landscapes, exquisite architecture, superb restaurants and finest delicacies of Andalucía

Best time to go

September to June

Suggested Length

10-12 days

Ideal Traveller


This is not just a trip, it is a tasting menu of the most exclusive, unique and insanely delicious dishes and products that Andalusia has to offer. This is a tour of the best of Andalusian architecture, landscapes, history, gastronomy and culture, a feast of hedonism and good taste.

The best food is not easy to find. You have to travel and reach where others are simply not willing to go in order to satisfy the most demanding curiosity and palates. There are unique jewels lost in remote mountain farms, treasures to be discovered in lost villages, works of art created by geniuses, away from the big cities, wise men faithful to their simple philosophies, who plate up poetry in anonymous, working-class neighbourhood bars.

From Córdoba to Seville, through Jerez and the coast of Málaga, crossing the mountainous landscapes of Ronda, arriving at Granada, there is a world of gastronomic fantasy reserved only for the most epicurean spirits: the best Iberian ham you could possibly taste, the coveted Jerez sherry wines, the tuna that makes the world go crazy, the prawns most revered by chefs around the world, award-winning eccentric cocktails, legendary castles, bottles of olive oil, heart-breaking flamenco, and great dishes in restaurants where only an enlightened few enter through the doors.

This is a journey to the unheard of, an ode to genius and exquisite simplicity, the wildest beauty; a tribute to Andalusia, a place that remains true to its roots.

The Experience

Search for the most exclusive Iberian pigs from which the best Iberian ham in the world is produced, tasting the delicate morsels inside a cellar, each piece hand-carved by the knife of a master ham carver.

Tour some of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in Jerez, always with a glass of wine in hand; tasting their best wines while the owner shares the history of each barrel.

Allow yourself to be moved to tears
by the energy of an authentic flamenco show,
sitting front row and, after a few drinks,
feel like Joaquín Cortés while you learn how to
dance flamenco.

Drop your jaw in awe of Ronda’s spectacular scenery and yet again at one of the best and most undervalued restaurants in Andalusia, feel thrilled with its tasting menu and enter the kitchen to try secrets made by the chef especially for you.

Bath in the sunlight of Málaga and dive into its fantastic gastronomy. From a fresh sardine skewer on the beach to the city´s constellation of Michelin-starred restaurants. Pure magic.

Relish the most unique experience
with one of the most expensive,
exclusive and revered food products by any
food lover.

Enjoy the fascinating influence of Arab culture in the marvellous Alhambra. Wander through the cobblestone streets of the Medieval Moorish Albaicín quarter and maybe end up in a Sacromonte cave, singing and dancing flamenco until dawn.

End the day in a mythical
cocktail bar. A shelter for the
night´s castaways; a treasure
cave for pirates of good taste.
A mixology legend.


A taste of the route

Acorn-fed Iberian pig:
high intramuscular fat, intense flavour
Ibérico acorn-fed ham
Wild mushrooms
Vinos de Jerez:
Olive Oil:
some of the finest olive oils in the world
Salmorejo and Gazpacho:
cold tomato soups
artisan sheep and goat’s milks cheese
Sardines espeto:
skewered and cooked over a pit of coals
roasted suckling goat
Rabo de toro:
oxtail stew
Montilla-Moriles wines:
close to sherry in flavour and strength

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