Moorish history in sun-baked Andalusia

Immerse in the culture of sun-baked Andalusia. Get lost in Ronda’s maze-like labyrinth of streets, marvel in Moorish legacy in Córdoba and Granada, experience the passion and soul of flamenco in Sevilla and taste exceptional sherry wines in Jerez.

Best time to go

Spring or autumn

Suggested Length

10 days, 9 nights

Ideal Traveller

History, culture, gastronomy


Andalusia is a region of wonder. You’ll start this trip in Madrid and will then be whisked off down south to be immersed in the food and culture of sun-baked Andalusia. Get lost in Ronda’s maze-like labyrinth of streets, marvel in Moorish legacy in Cordoba and Granada, experience the passion and soul of flamenco in Sevilla, taste sherry wines in Jerez…


Start your journey in Madrid, the buzzing capital of Spain. With its world class museums, charming districts and mind-blowing food, Madrid is a real treat. The city has really been revived over the last decade and the centre has smartened up with new boutiques, trendy organic delicatessens and cool cafés. You’ll eat your way through the city’s best tapas bars, revel in art at its first-class art galleries, stroll through its glorious Retiro Park and marvel at its majestic architecture.


Head down south to Córdoba. Once a leading cultural centre in the ancient Arab world, Cordoba was also a cultural centre for Jews and Catholics. We’ll take you back in time on a private guided tour of Córdoba’s true treasure, its magical and majestic Mosque Cathedral. As you walk through the forest of columns of this profound building, you’ll discover the layers of history and cultural heritage left in the city. Before you leave, we’ll transport you to another world of sights and smells on a private tour of the city’s private patios decked with hundreds of vibrant and colourful flowers. As you explore Córdoba’s winding, cobbled streets and alleys, meander through its pretty balconies and lamps, stumble upon hidden patios and plazas, you’ll explore the real splendour of the city.


Next stop is Sevilla, a city bathed in blazing Mediterranean sun. As we show you the best of this colorful city, you’ll be lured by fiery flamenco played out in old-world squares, ancient horse drawn carriages dotted around the city and religious processions bursting through its picturesque narrow streets. Spend the day on a private walking tour of the sights marveling at its splendid buildings and sipping on tinto de verano in its sun-drenched plazas. As dusk falls, you’ll be whisked through the streets on a traditional horse and carriage to watch the city come alive at night, before digging into some delicious tapas bites to put a perfect end to the day.


Jerez is a city of sherry wine, flamenco and Andalusian horses. In the air, the sound of flamenco (Jerez is where it was born according to many) fills the streets and the Atlantic breeze caresses your face. Anything you eat in Jerez will be sublimely good, washed down perfectly with a glass of the local liquid treasure. We’ll take you to one of the best artisan sherry wineries in Jerez where you will get the chance to taste this sweet delicious wine.
Afterwards, let yourself be swept away by the passion and soul of an authentic and intimate flamenco performance in a local tabanco.


Only a short drive away passing quaint white-washed villages is Ronda. Set on the edge of a 400-foot cliff, Ronda is split in two by the spectacular gorge of the Tajo river with centuries-old Moorish houses teetering on the cliff top and an old town with a maze of labyrinthine streets. Stand in awe at Ronda’s spectacular bridge, get lost in its windy streets or eat your way through the town’s myriad of tapas taverns as you explore this gorgeous Andalusian town.


From Ronda, let yourself be carried by Moorish history to Granada. The Alhambra being the jewel of the city, you will be escorted through its delightful courtyards, carefully designed elegant gardens and eye-capturing tiled domes. Afterwards, we’ll walk you through the beautiful maze-like Albaicin Quarter which maintains the traditional Arab street layout. As night falls, it’s an evening of jamón Ibérico at our friend, an acclaimed cortador’s restaurant.